About us

Utsav Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Utsav Agarwal took the plunge into the music industry at the age of 18 while studying Mechanical Engineering. What started off with managing couple of local bands soon turned into a full blown passion! Since then, he has gone on to study Music Business at UCLA and work under some of the best minds from the industry in India & US. This includes gigs at EMI Music, TAG Strategic, William Morris Endeavour & Only Much Louder.

Utsav has always been intrigued by social products that enable expression of thoughts and conversations around it, and combined with his love for music, #nwplyng is a natural fit.

Favorite Artist: Pearl Jam

Kumar Saurav


Kumar Saurav lives and breathes startups. After graduating, he founded his own tech startup and scaled it from an initial team of 4 founders to 30+ employees within 3 years before joining #nwplyng. Having been the CTO and co-founder of a company, he brings in wealth of startup experience along with his acute business acumen. Saurav is quite a gadget freak and believes in using the best of hardware and software. His workstation includes an iMac, Macbook Retina, 3 Android devices and an iPod touch. When not coding, he can be found playing Counter Strike or Dota under the alias Diesel. Saurav aims to create a world class Android app at #nwplyng, and be recognized among the top mobile developers in the world.

Favorite Artists: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy Osbourne.

Goutham Vel

Backend Engineer

Goutham Vel is a geek in every sense of the word. He wrote his first program to solve Sudoku in C language while still in high school. From there on, he picked up HTML & Python and freelanced through his engineering days crafting tons of websites. He started his professional career at Accenture, but soon realized that he wasn’t meant for a big corporate machine. Within 3 months, he had left and joined India’s first student funded startup MobME where he honed his skills in Ruby on Rails for over 2 years. Having tasted and thoroughly enjoyed the startup experience at one company, it was extremely natural for him to move to an even smaller team at #nwplyng. Goutham can be either found hyper-connected and immersed in the online world, or disconnected and enjoying photography and paragliding.

Favorite Artists: The Beatles, Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin.

Nakul Kabra

Lead iOS developer

Nakul Kabra isn’t a conventional coder that started early and discovered his love for computers. Instead, he dropped out of computer science degree to study for GRE to pursue Operational Research. Little did he know that he’d come across an iPhone, get completely mesmerized by its industrial design and return back to CS degree only to ace it this time around. Ever since, he has been building applications for his beloved device, first at a service company and then as a freelancer before joining #nwplyng. Along with his insatiable thirst for writing clean and pixel perfect code, Nakul is a hardcore jambands fan and a self confessed Deadhead. Need we mention that he fits in like a charm in our team.

Favorite Artists: Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan.

Manas Vaze

Product Designer

Manas Vaze is a self taught designer. Born and raised in an family with an art background, Manas picked up the fundamentals in typography and calligraphy from his dad at an early age. He called upon these very skills at his first service-based startup while struggling his way through CS engineering. That startup didn’t last long after graduation, and Manas moved on to experiment with his coding skills at an MNC. That too ended shortly, and he found himself itching to return back to designs and startups. Somewhere in all of this mess, we stumbled across him and were absolutely floored with his minimalist design approach. As they say, the rest is history (or so we would like to say in another 2-3 years).

Favorite Artists: Thievery Corporation & Zero 7

We are seed funded by MobME Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd, and incubated at Startup Village.